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Announcement Regarding Sabbatical For Jeff Martens

In 2019 Cornerstone Elders created a Sabbatical Policy for our pastoral staff. The concept of sabbatical is rooted in the biblical concept of "Sabbath" which God modelled in Genesis 2:1-4 and commanded in Exodus 20:8-11. Jesus modelled sabbath by frequently retreating to solitary places to pray (see Luke 5:16, Mark 1:35, Matthew 14:13, Mark 6:31-32, Mathew 14:33). The sab...

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Elders Report: Properties Update

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Orchard Campus As a result of a meeting with the Town of Niagara on the Lake's planning department a couple key items have become clear: The original site plan approval for Phase 2 acquired by Orchard Park is no longer valid Approval timelines for a new site plan will be significant As a result, the Orchard Campus Facilities Committee will work toward a design that...

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Update on Building Committee and Campaign

In October, Cornerstone's elders hosted 3 Town Hall Meetings, to seek feedback on our latest thinking regarding the long-term plans for our properties. With this feedback, we have decided to take the following steps: Orchard Campus Building Team We would like to form a team of people who will work to engage with our architecture firm to develop a plan for the renovation ...

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Elder Nominations

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What does an elder do? The role of an elder is significant and brings with it great responsibility. The Biblical role of the elders is to shepherd the congregation, oversee the work and health of the church, teach sound doctrine, and refute heresy....

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Transformational Church Assessment Tool

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Are we moving in the right direction? While we're never going to be able to say as a church,"We've arrived!" when talking about our obedience to Jesus, we do want to be able to say "We're moving in the right direction! But how do we know where we are as as a church if we have no means of measuring the issues that bring transformation to lives and communities? Why use an ...

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