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Donation Collection For Richard Terry

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Richard Terry has been a part of our community for over 20 years. More recently, he's been regularly attending our worship gatherings. Several members of our congregation have been working with him to arrange new housing. They are looking to collect a few items to help turn his new house into a new home! 

Below is a list of items we're looking to collect. If see something on the list that you are willing to donate, please contact Karen Thiessen (click here to email her) to let her know. 

cooking utensils, can opener, scissors, cutting knives, few Tupperware containers 
Tea towels, dish cloth, dish rack, 

Frozen food items for in freezer 
Non perishable foods - salt pepper, sugar,, tea, jam, ketchup, soups....easy to make foods 
Perishable - milk, juice, bread, fresh fruit, veggies 
Treats - popcorn, chips, pop....or healthy treats :) 

Double sized bed frame, sheets, blankets 
Pillow, pillow case 

I think he’s in need of all clothing items, maybe even outdoor clothing/pjs
Size 32 waist/medium shirt 
Size 9 winter boots 

Toothbrushes, toothpaste deodorant, soap shampoo, toilet paper, towels 
Shower Curtain (small)

Living area 
Tv stand, books, magazines (he likes to read..interested in sports...?), small side table, or coffee table, crossword, search a word books, DVD player, some movies, puzzles 
Couple pictures for on walls and plants, real for fake 
Couple couch pillows and throw blanket, throw rug 

Dish soap, laundry soap, basic cleaning wipes may be easiest, broom dust pan, curtains, garbage can 

Christmas decorations
Small Christmas tree....