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We are introducing an online version of our church directory! We have long offered a print directory as a way to share contact information to others in the church and are now excited to make it even easier to connect through our Online Directory.  

The Online Directory is a private place for members of Cornerstone Community Church to share their contact information with one another. You have complete control over what information others can see about you and only those who have also been given access to the online directory will be able access the information - just as our print directory has always operated.

Now you can ensure your information is always up-to-date by editing your own profile and household details, as well as adjusting privacy settings. We encourage adding a family photo if you feel comfortable!

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See our FAQs below for more information.


How can I access the directory?

The directory can be viewed on a web browser by clicking here, but is BEST viewed in the Church Center App - which is availble for iOS & Android. We very highly recommend downloading and logging into the app to access the church directory, your giving records and tax statements, to sign up for upcoming events, and more! You can log into the app using the same mobile number or email address we have on record for you at the church.  

Who can see my information?

Only those who are also in the Online Directory can see your information. So if you don't see their name in the Online Directory, they can't see you! You will be in complete control of your own privacy settings, meaning you can choose what information you publish to the directory. You can control which people in your household are listed, if your profile picture is displayed and how how much of your contact information is visible. Participation in the Online Directory is completely voluntary so if you don't want any of your information visible online, it won't be.


Why didn’t I receive an invite?

Because of the privacy concerns around sharing personal information, we only include people that have opted in to being part of the directory and given permission for their information to be shared. If you’d like to be added to directory, please email Alex Wiens (
Another reason you might not have received an invite could be that we have outdated contact information for you! Please email Alex Wiens ( to resolve this.