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Urgent Relief in D.R. Congo

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Letter from Doug Hiebert

In these past months, as the rainy season drew to an end, it has seemed like the rains really wanted to make their mark.  They were more abundant and harder than usual.  As a result, many houses were either partially or fully destroyed simply by the heavy rains falling and deteriorating the adobe bricks or by the rivers of water that formed, flowing through neighbourhoods and destroying whatever was in it’s path.  

Emmaus (MB) Church was started at the beginning of this year.  Ernest and Aimerance have committed themselves to serving the people of this town, out of a sense of calling.  Ernest is from here, whereas Aimerance is from the south of Congo.  They met in South Africa where they had fled the challenges of Congo.  However, at a certain moment, they felt God calling them to return.  So return they did… leaving the comforts of South Africa for the broken infrastructure, the lack of security, the many unknowns of eastern DRC.  It is only out of a sense of calling and the hand of God in their lives that they can be and remain here for, everyday, at least one of their children asks when they might be returning to South Africa.

Ernest and Aimerance are thinking differently about church.  Ernest has submitted himself to a discipleship/church school here in Burundi with Onesphore and TBNet.  He is really soaking it in and changing his views on what the church is, and what the church is called to do. They have moved past a dependency model of church and are eager to see lives changed by the work of God.  

The Needs:

    • $10,000 for roofing materials for 102 houses
      • families are able to make their own bricks and build this part but the roofing is too expensive for people
    • $1,000 for school fees for 306 children.  
      • Due to the perturbation of life; broken down houses, loss of salary, despondence, this has meant that many parents have been unable to pay the fees for their children.  This money will pay for the remaining month of school before summer break.

We are confident that this project will indeed help people in their misery and misfortune but also serve to further the work of God and Emmaus church in the community it is located.  We are trusting that this initiative will reveal the love of Jesus and give the people at Emmaus an ‘in’ to the community.  Therefore, we have no hesitations asking for support for this project.

Funds for this project can be given to Cornerstone Community Church through our offering designated:  Special Project: Urgent Relief Congo

Or give online by clicking, THIS LINK

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