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Announcement Regarding Sabbatical For Jeff Martens

In 2019 Cornerstone Elders created a Sabbatical Policy for our pastoral staff. The concept of sabbatical is rooted in the biblical concept of “Sabbath” which God modelled in Genesis 2:1-4 and commanded in Exodus 20:8-11. Jesus modelled sabbath by frequently retreating to solitary places to pray (see Luke 5:16, Mark 1:35, Matthew 14:13, Mark 6:31-32, Mathew 14:33). 

The sabbatical policy is meant to be part of a broader effort to support pastoral staff and make long-term ministry possible. Long-term ministry provides stability and enables increased ministry effectiveness through deeper relationships and a consistent direction. A Sabbatical provides an opportunity for our pastors to have an extended season to: 

  • Delight in God

  • Replenish energy stores

  • Renew emotional health

  • Rekindle a sense of God’s calling

Sabbatical leave is a privilege and honor, not an entitlement. Cornerstone’s Sabbatical Policy allows for all full-time pastoral staff to be eligible for a Sabbatical after 4 years of employment and are required to take one once every 10 years. 

Jeff Martens has served as a pastor at Cornerstone since 2010. In accordance with the Sabbatical Policy, the Board of Directors approved a 16-week Sabbatical for Jeff from February 27 - June 19. This means that he will not be performing any activities related to his work as a pastor at Cornerstone during this time. Jeff has outlined to the Elders his plan for activities related to the main purpose of the Sabbatical.

Plans have been made to cover Jeff’s responsibilities during his absence. Pastors Matt and Kevin remain as the Executive Leadership team. Please contact the office if you have any questions related to Jeff’s role while he is off and you will be directed to the proper person covering for that responsibility. 

We ask that you pray for Jeff, Michele and their children as he enters into a season of intentional rest. Also, please pray for the remaining pastors, staff, elders and volunteers as they assume more and different roles during this time. 

We will have a time of prayer and “send-off” for Jeff and for Michele and their family at our Annual General Meeting on February 26th.  The Elders would welcome conversations if you have questions about the Sabbatical Policy You’ll find their emails and phone contacts in the printed bulletin as well as on our Cornerstone website. 

- Cornerstone Board of Directors