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Transformational Church Assessment Tool

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Are we moving in the right direction?

While we're never going to be able to say as a church,“We’ve arrived!” when talking about our obedience to Jesus, we do want to be able to say “We’re moving in the right direction! But how do we know where we are as as a church if we have no means of measuring the issues that bring transformation to lives and communities?

Why use an assessment tool?

Although surveys aren't the only tool we can use to measure the issues that bring transformation, they do help churches get an honest look at how their members perceive how they're doing in relation to spiritual transformation. We want to use this tool becasue we want to hear from you and gain as much insight as we can from your perspective. 

The Transformatinal Church assement tool results will provide us with a snapshot of perceived strengths and perceived challenges based on the seven elements of a transformational church: missionary mentality, vibrant leadership, relational intentionality, prayerful dependence, worship, community and mission. In short we're hopeing this survey will help us with 3 main things:

  1. Learn what's working
  2. Find out what needs attention
  3. Start having the right converstations

How do I take the survey?

The survey will take betwen 20-30 minutes to complete including the time it will take you to set up an account. When creating an account, you'll need to input information about yourself and your involvment at the church. This information will not be connected to the suvey results and your answers will be completely annonymous.  

To create your account, CLICK HERE and enter the passcode on the right hand side where it says, "FIRST TIME USER"

The passcode for our church as been emailed out to the same list that receives our E-Bulletin. If you did not get included in that email or can't find it, email Jeff to request it be sent to you. 

If you've already created an accont but didn't complete the survey, you can continue where you left off by signing into your account where it says, "RETURNING USER".

If you'd prefer not to fillout the survey online, printed copies will be made available in the church foyer and a drop box will be available for you to return it manonymously.