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Camp Crossroads Bursary Program

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Background Information

Beginning in 2013, Cornerstone Community Church has allocated funds in its annual operational budget to provide bursaries for children and youth connected with Cornerstone to be able to attend Camp Crossroads’ summer camps. Sending young people to camp in the summer aligns with Cornerstone’s mission to glorify God by making disciples through teaching the Word, exemplifying the Word, and serving the world. Students are taught the gospel of Jesus in an intense way at Camp Crossroads, are able to form strong spiritual friendships and are developed to become better leaders. Therefore, helping young people from Cornerstone attend Camp serves our mission in this world.

Application Process

Parents or youth will submit an online application form by March 31st.

The contents of the application will remain strictly confidential within the Bursary Committee. The Bursary Committee (composed of the Lead Pastor, Youth Pastor, and one member of the church appointed by the elders) will review applications, allocate the available funds, and notify all of the applicants. Cornerstone will send a cheque to Camp Crossroads in the amount of the available funds, with directions outlining the allocation of these funds.

Click here to fill out the online application form.