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Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage

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November 16, 2018 to November 17, 2018

  • November 16, 2018:
  • November 17, 2018:

Location: 434 Hunter Road, Niagara On The Lake, Ontario L0S 1J0

Category: Marriage Ministry Community Life | Coordinator: Matt Unruh

You're invited to an "honest, hard-hitting... hilarious" marriage enrichment event November 16-17 led by Glen & Miriam Drummond. The main sessions will be Mark Gungor presented by DVD. Mark is Senior Pastor of Celebration Church—a multi-site church with five campuses across Wisconsin, and the CEO of Laugh Your Way America. Mark has been featured on national broadcasts such as Focus on the Family, Life Today and ABC News.

Each year thousands of people benefit from his Laugh Your way to a Better Marriage® seminar. His candid and comedic approach makes this seminar an unforgettable experience and is proven to strengthen any marriage.
Mark says, “Our secular culture over romanticizes marriage and our Christian culture over-spiritualizes it.” He adds, “Marriage is not about finding the right person but doing the right things.”

Explore the differences between men and women. Specifically, how men and women are wired differently. He shows couples that their communication problems may results from how men and women THINK about life in a different way. He explains that many of the struggles couples face in marriage are the result of a HEAD problem, not a HEART problem.

This session has been rated as the participants’ favorite. One of the biggest problems in marriage today has to do with sex. As a society we are bombarded with sexual messages every day and are apparently the highest sexually educated generation in history. So why are married couples having less sex than ever? Mark explains the five steps couples can take to achieve a PURE, healthy and fantastic sex life.

In the final session, Mark covers the subject of forgiveness and shows how to avoid building resentment in marriage. Most importantly, he shares the key to staying married for a lifetime.

“WHY DOES HE/SHE DO THAT?™” is done live
Using a program called ‘The Flag Page’ Glen & Miriam teach couples how to discover the true reasons why their spouse does what he or she does. Husbands and wives discover the God-given heart and talents of their spouse and what he or she loves the most about life.

Friday Doors Open @ 6:00PM
Friday Dinner - 6:30-7:00PM
Friday Evening Session - 7:00-10:15PM

Saturday Doors Open @ 8:00AM
Saturday Breakfast - 8:30-9:00AM
Saturday Morning Session - 9:00-10:45AM
Saturday Morning Break - 10:45-11:00AM
Saturday Morning Session - 11:00AM-12:15PM
Saturday Lunch - 12:15-12:45PM
Saturday Afternoon Session - 12:50-2:25PM
Saturday Afternoon Break - 2:25-2:40PM
Saturday Afternoon Session - 2:40-3:30PM
Departure - 3:30PM

An important, insightful, and yes, imperative part of your registration fee is that both partners would complete your flag pages, print them out and bring them to the event.

The Flag Page is an incredible on-line program designed to help you discover who you are and more importantly....who God created you to be. If you are looking to discover the great things God has in store for you, you will want to create your own Flag Page.

Each person needs their own code to create their page.

Your two codes will be sent to you by email. Once you receive your codes, click on the link in that email and you will be re-directed to the Flag Page website. Once at the Flag Page website, enter your code and each person should complete their flag.