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Sr. Youth - Christmas Formal

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December 22, 2023

7:00pm – 9:30pm

Location: 1570 Niagara Stone Road, Virgil, Ontario L0S 1T0

Category: Sr. Youth | Coordinator: Michael Reimer

We love to end our calendar year of youth by getting fancy and celebrating the Christmas season with our Sr. Youth Christmas Formal!

We will be having a potluck, and so that means the task on crafting an amazing feast is on all of us to bring the best of the best our families! One dish per family is more than appreciated!

Here is a link to a Mealtrain we have created to help organize what families are bringing, but by no means is it exhaustive!

One key note is we ask for a few Gluten Free dishes and absolutely NO peanut or nut products due to allergies!

You can look at the MealTrain here and sign up for your dish!

Location - Town Campus (1570 Niagara Stone Road)

Time: 7 - 9:30pm

Dress Code: Dress fancy! Minimum requirements are:

Girls - wear something nice (we trust you)

Guys - wear at least a collar (we know the average boy can need guidelines)

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