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The Most Practical Thing You Can Do in 2021 As Jesus' Disciple

As I write this, I am  in the middle of preparing a New Year's message for our church family, that I plan to preach on January 3rd, Lord willing. As I have been preparing, I feel like the Lord has laid on my heart a call for our church family to spend 2021 fostering our relationship with Him through both the Word and the Spirit. 

To get to know someone, you must spend time listening, responding, and interacting with them. It is no different with our great God and Father in Heaven. To become like Him, we have to spend time with Him. To do this, we must be intentional and deliberate. You need a plan. You need to cultivate habits.

I start every day by going for a 3 km walk. Every day. Do you know why it is not a hard choice for me to do this? Because I do it every day. As disciples of Jesus, there is nothing more practical that we can do to develop our relationship with him, than spending time with him. Every day. Schedule it in (or else everything else will schedule it out). 

I recommend following the Life Journal Bible Reading Plan.  Download our bookmarks for this plan here. You can follow this plan on Bible apps like YouVersion (provided free by our brothers and sisters of LifeChurch). You can also listen to the Bible being read to you on this app. My plan this year is to listen to the Bible Reading Plan on the aforementioned walk.